Bread boards (Proto boards)

Breadboards are great way to start working with electronics circuits. They are available in almost every electronics shop for fairly cheap prices and they are reusable for many times. Breadboard is used to make up temporary circuits for testing or to try out an project idea initially. They are solder less and so it is easy to… Continue reading Bread boards (Proto boards)

PIC18F4520 Specs

PIC18F4520 is a great PIC MCU to start working with. It has many features and easily affordable. This PIC is re-programmable many times because it has flash memory and programming can be done using IC-Prog program. Following are PIC18F4520 specifications from Microchip website.     Parameter Name  Value  Program Memory Type  Flash  Program Memory (KB)… Continue reading PIC18F4520 Specs

Software requirements for program PICs

In order to use PIC Microcontrollers we need several types of computer software. These software are, Development interface or IDE. Compiler or Assembler and Linker. Programmer to burn developed firmware in to PIC. 1. Development interface or IDE. This is the development environment for writing our source code. Development environment makes firmware development easy by… Continue reading Software requirements for program PICs

PIC Programmer

  PIC programmer (or microcontroller programmer) is a tool used to write program we developed into internal flash memory of PIC microcontroller. Internal flash memory is rewritable memory, but it preserves its contents even without power supply. Internal flash memory is like pen drive we use to carry data. This process is also known as… Continue reading PIC Programmer